• Anonymous

    thanks for sharing

  • Cathy

    Annette, I read something that Benedict said about priests, but it applies to all of us who try to know, love and serve God. “…there is the encounter with Christ and being fascinated, struck by his words, by his gestures, by his very person. It is distinguishing his voice from many voices. (…) It is like feeling the radiance of the Good and Love that emanate from him, feeling enveloped and involved to the point of desiring to remain with him like the disciples of Emmaus.” The minister of the Gospel is one who is drawn in by Christ, the Holy Father said, “who knows how to ‘remain’ with him, who enters into harmony, in intimate friendship, with him, that all be done ‘as God wishes.'”
    I get the impression that Rob is “fascinated” with God – and it is contagious.His ability to share his fascination, his love, his unique parables through video, make him, for me, a companion on the road to Emmaus.