• Beautiful church! It is great that we in this part of the state have two new saints! Auriesville is about 20 miles west of me; I did not go yesterday, but will return there soon.

    Sts. Kateri and Marianne, pray for us!

  • In Canada we feel very close to St. Kateri because she came to live in Canada after her conversion to Catholicism and this is where she remained until she died. We rejoice together with you on her canonization.

  • Fran, I think they close soon! I looked it up yesterday thinking I would take my daughters there. But they are closing on the 31st of October, I believe. So I guess it will wait until Spring! Might be a good time to meet! 🙂

    Lynda, yes someone pointed out that it is a shared canonization with Canada (don’t mind us we are just naturally grabby in America! ;)) But what they said was so true, she is still uniting people in the love of God. As happy for Canada as I am for us! Wasn’t there another for you too?

  • Annette, I wasn’t meaning that you were grabby. I was just meaning that we are celebrating as well. It is very exciting here and there are special Masses being said at many places. A school here in our town is named after her so there will be a rededication of the chapel and a special Mass and re-enactment of her life by the school children this week. There were hundreds of Canadians at the Canonization in Rome and many were Aboriginals.

    We just recently celebrated the canonization of St. Brother Andre as well.


  • Lynda, LOL! I knew what you meant! But I do mean it, we are grabby! Especially where I am because we just don’t get good press all that often.

    I love that Aboriginals were able to be present. Imagine what that meant for them! You are so lovely Lynda, I am so glad you come here. Have a great night!