• First…wow…your blog looks GREAT!

    Second…I am sure that she is considering that the only way to help make our church better is for us to use the Gifts or the Spirit that we are sealed with at Confirmation.

    As hard as it is for us to help others in the Catholic faith that are struggling to know God and to help make our church stronger (and to move in the right direction)…it is after all better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all. That is why I am still Catholic I guess.

    Oh well, that is my 2 cents.

  • I love your two cents Cheryl, and the whole dollar is ok too! ;)! I miss you! I agree, I mean, God did place me here. And I think she gets that…but still there is work to be done!

  • When I was accepted into full communion in the Roman Catholic Church, many people asked me how I could in all conscience become part of such a flawed church. My response was that God was calling me to live out my faith in this community as a Roman Catholic and that there is no perfect church; although I don’t agree with everything that goes on, I know without a doubt that I am where God has called me to be. I don’t pretend to know why God called me here but I am here on faith.

    Your daughter is a person of faith and she will make the decision with God’s help and direction and it will be the right decision because she is taking time to discern. God bless both your daughters as they endeavour to live their lives in the will of our Lord. They are blessed to have you as their mother.

  • Love the blog new look and this post too!! yay!!

    Now my 2 cents – and you know my background. . . .but what I would tell Meg is that first of all put her trust in Christ and God. He is never changing and ever faithful. Plus He is a sure bet in helping her in life’s up and down. That said – the Catholic Church – as well as every church on earth is a product of a flawed man and a flawed world.

    As she goes into adulthood she’ll have to decide whether she wants to put her energy and money into change in her Church or in some other direction. Prayer and the Holy Spirit will guide her – like its guided us on our path! We both know that if she listens – she’ll know which way to go.

    Still she should whole heartedly celebrate this amazing milestone of confirmation and look at it a whole hearted yell of “Yes – I love God – I love Christ and Yes I decide for myself to follow Them.” Its a huge step into adulthood and congratulations is deserved!

    As a soon adult, the biggest thing is that she doesn’t get discouraged with this flawed world. The Media can sell negativity and gloom and doom – it can’t sell hope – love and optimism. Its not in that kind of business – so that’s not what we are seeing on TV. God is in that business – He will love this world no matter what.

  • God bless your brave, compassionate daughter!

  • Thanks for your perspectives. Lynda, I agree, I don’t know why God put me here too, in many ways it seems so counter-intuitive but he did so that is where I stand.

    Nina, yes, that is pretty much what we covered. Very well put with a hearty amen! 🙂

    And thanks for the blessings on her!