• Annette, first of all it is good to hear from you once again. I understand your feeling of being a heretic and I chose (or was led) to the Catholic Church only eleven years ago while many friends questioned my sanity. I knew that God was leading so I came but that doesn’t mean I haven’t questioned my decision over the past eleven years.

    As I have read the entire interview with Pope Francis a few times now, I have wept and I have prayed in gratitude to our Lord for this refreshing voice led by the Holy Spirit. Our Holy Father who speaks from his heart is opening the windows and the Holy Spirit is blowing in. I pray that the Holy Spirit will be given permission by the Church to renew the face of the earth. That will be uncomfortable for all of us in one way or another but we cannot pass up this opportunity.

    Blessings to you and your family, Annette, as you continue to serve our Lord in so many ways.

    BTW, when I want to excite the head of the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, I ask if they need help with the dishes so I love your reference to this. 🙂

  • Lynda, thanks for the welcome back! It has been nutsy cuckoo here! What a hoot about the dishes. Thank you for the blessings, always needed. You are the 2nd person who told me that they wept when reading the interview. I love that. I believe that God has heard us and answered our prayers. Nothing can change what he is saying. No one can manipulate it. His words are documented and historical now. May the air flow as the Holy Spirit breathes new life into our institution!