• Wow – you were serious about Miss Aidan inspiring you. I will pass this along. Also, I just learned something (I think). I thought that as a Jew I was unacceptable and would be “left behind” by default, but if I read your post correctly, it isn’t about Jesus or Christianity, but it is about God or can we simply say it is about faith?


  • Reena, I don’t think you learned anything as much as you remembered something and that is that you are a loved child of God no matter where God has placed you. It is unfortunate and even sinful that there are people in every religion that support a narrative that feeds a superiority complex. But it is humanity. So, when you say “it isn’t about Jesus or Christianity” I can only think, not for you because God placed you to tell the Jewish story. Jesus was a Jew…the Jews were chosen and Jesus states that he is the fulfillment of the Law and that he did not set out to abolish it. What is more, there is also a passage in Mark that Jesus tells a crowd that people will say “Lord Lord” but he will not know them because they have not done the will of the Father. Prior to that, Jesus the Rabbi and member of the Pharisees who is used to calling out his contemporaries for the way they treat people turns on his disciple and calls him a hypocrite for judging someone else. So, in my eyes, it is faith and works. And in reality, none of us knows, but I also believe I don’t need to know. So yes, maybe it is simply faith. Loved your comment. And your daughter.

  • I always get a kick about people and all their “end times” talk. I wonder why it fascinates them so?? I’m thinkin’ its cause it makes for “sensational” media. If you have any doubt of that just watch a end of the world documentary on the history channel – makes for some good TV. I mean living in Christ footsteps day in and day out isn’t nearly as flashy or headline grabbing.

    My answer is always the same to those that talk about these are ends times with the international unrest – the crazy danger weather patterns . . . .there has always been crazy weather and international problems – Look at Hitler. . . if starting a world war and killing 6 million Jews doesn’t make you an Anti-christ what does? (which kinds of scares me btw – I mean how bad will the antichrist be?)

    So Annette – I’m with you – I’m going to keep trying to live like Christ and let tomorrow worry about itself. Not tooooo worried about showing up to Church some Sunday and being the only one there LOL!