• welllll – I don’t think its a bad idea for us both to spend sometime in the Word everyday. If you want to prepare and write a devotional here I would love that – also if you wanted me to guest blog – that would be fun too. Keeping it scripture oriented would get us both out of the world.

    Remember though contrary to what the world tells you – you are not obligated to let negativity into your life – just because misery love company.

    • Amen…and let me ruminate on that! Have you ever read my posts that began this blog? It was all scriptural reflection. I actually am starting an idea for a book but really need to hunker down and focus. Stick with me nene!! In the meantime, I am very grateful for you.

      I want to be in the real world…that is the difference.

  • I hear you and understand, Annette! At the same time, I must say it gave me quite a shock to see you had “deactivated” your account. Take that as a compliment, because I have grown quite fond of you. So, it was comforting to know I could probably find you here. Yay! Prayers for you on your journey, and I’m going to “share” this blog on Facebook, because I just know there are others missing you too!

    • Sara,

      This is an invitation to not leave me! Truly, I hope you don’t! And I hope others join me. I will be back but right now, I think this is the better part. Thank you for letting everyone know. Please email me at a.knauth@ymail.com and share it with my other friends for it is not they that I am fleeing! ha!!